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There is a gap identified in the African Market and that has to do with payroll generation. Organisations make use of spreadsheet to process their payroll which is prone to human error, time-consuming and very limited in terms of functionality.

Softclo Web Services Ltd in partnership with Soar Solutions has brought to you PAYROLL PUPPET, a software solution designed to bridge this gap. It’s a cloud-based, flexible, secure, scalable and easy-to-use solution (that can be deployed as a stand-alone organisational tool), that takes the headache off payroll generation.

Payroll Puppet Modules

The Employee Module

The module enables the user to manage the employee records. It is structured to take care of full time, part time, local or foreign, public or private sector employees. It allows payments in foreign currencies.

The Payroll Generation Module

This module manages the automation of payroll generation for each pay cycle. It automatically calculates due tax and associated deductions. It caters for various pay cycles such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It is highly secured.

The Reporting Module

This module facilitates the cyclical generation of reports namely; PAYE Report, Employee Expenses Report, Total Payroll Cost, Exceptions Report, Variation Report,  Loans and Advance.

Where is Payroll puppet Used?

Payroll Puppet has been widely adopted and in use in Sierra Leone since 2016 with amazing feedbacks from clients. In 2019, the Gambia government decided to join the train of users.