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In a world of constant cyber security threats and breaches, we have partnered with one of the world’s leading cyber security training experts that has created over 40 training programs, custom-made for different clients to support specific needs ranging from White-Team, Blue-Team, and Red-Team training.

Our high-end cybersecurity trainings enable participants to develop high-level cybersecurity expertise and maintain their edge with regular updating of knowledge and skills in this ever-changing field. It also enables participants use a wide variety of on-line tools for identifying the nature of a cyber-attack and responding quickly and appropriately to prevent damage and disable the attacker. Participants also move on to simulated “real-life” attacks, many of which are based on actual incidents.


We have partnered with one of the worlds renowned cyber security organization that creates useful tools that make real impact on improving security for organizations and individuals with the sole purpose of curbing cyber risk and making the internet a safer place. Some of the tools include

  • Cyber security toolkit for small businesses
  • Cyber security toolkit for election
  • Cyber security toolkit for journalists
  • DMARC “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance”